No question is too simple or too complicated.  Our goal is to make sure you get your business started on the right foot in a cost effective manner. Contact us today.”

Individuals who have an idea and are seeking to start a business are told to “consult with an attorney.” But oftentimes such entrepreneurs are hesitant to do so for a number of reasons.  For one, the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired them to start a business also inspires them to try to figure out the “legal stuff” on their own.  Second, they are worried it is too expensive.  And third, for most individuals this is the first time they have had to hire an attorney – and they do not know whom to call.

We strongly believe that an attorney should guide you through the business formation process.  Beyond the basic filing process, there can traps for the unwary and details that require the experience and knowledge of an attorney.  In creating our entity formation practice, we have addressed all three obstacles that typically keep the new business owner from contacting an attorney.

“I can figure this out on my own.”

Perhaps. But this is what we do. Do not take up hours of time searching the internet for answers. We can do it in less time and with the confidence that it is being done correctly.

“It will be too expensive.”

Our initial consultation is free, and in most cases, we can provide you with a flat fee for forming your business entity.  At that point, you can decide whether the services are too expensive for you.

“I do not know which attorney to call.”

We hope you call us!  It is another reason why we offer the free consultation: it provides you with the opportunity to speak with us and decide if you are comfortable before making a hiring decision.  But if not D. Larsen Legal, then take the time to meet with another attorney.

We help our clients sift through the entire complex business formation process from the initial question of whether to incorporate, through an analysis of which of the many corporate forms to choose (LLCs, LLPs, Nonprofit and Stock Corporations), until all of the appropriate certificates and licenses are in hand and the business is ready to move forward.