As a business owner you must juggle a number of perspectives on a daily basis – financial, operational, and sales, just to name a few. Let us counsel you on the proper legal course for your business so you can handle the rest.”

Whether you want us to serve as your regular outside counsel, or you simply need a contract drafted, a question answered, or a quick issue resolved, we can help you.

At D. Larsen Legal, we have learned that no two businesses are the same; each has its own personality and challenges.  Our Business Law practice, therefore, is focused first on listening and understanding your business.  Any sound legal advice must come from that foundation.

The purpose of our Business Law practice is simple: to help your business succeed. We do this by protecting your interests, helping you to avoid pitfalls, and assessing your risk. Our clients know that when they pick up the phone to call us, they have another member of their team on the other end.

Below are just a few of the ways our Business Law practice can assist your company.

Contract Review

Too often (and by “too often” we mean “nearly every time”) businesses simply sign whatever contract is put in front of them. Or, worse yet, they begin using other company’s contracts and modify them on their own.  These are dangerous practices that may end up costing your company more money in the long run. The fine print matters!  Know your risks and let us minimize them before you enter into an agreement.  We can help you review Leases, Licenses, Service Agreements, or virtually any other contract on your desk.

Contract Drafting

Better yet, let us draft a contract that specifically fits your needs and interests. Whatever your contract needs, D. Larsen Legal can help: Service Contracts, Promissory Notes, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Licenses, Sales Contracts, Non-Compete Agreements, Employment Agreements, Releases and Waivers, and more.  Knowing that the small print protects your business and has been tailored to fit your business will be a comfort when problems arise.

Employment Law

Your employees are your greatest resources, but managing your employees can also be one of your greatest sources of stress.  To help alleviate that stress, we focus our Employment Law practice on two areas: (1) Preventing employment disputes before they start, and (2) Helping you control and resolve disputes before they escalate.

Preventing employee disputes begins with maintaining and updating your handbook, enforcing policies consistently, and keeping lines of communication open.  We can help you draft agreements and procedures that are fair and clear, and advise you on messaging and communication with your employees.  Resolving employee disputes is a complicated business; you can unknowingly escalate a dispute or increase the liability of your company by making the wrong move. A conversation with an attorney can help you to control the situation before it gets out of hand.

Policies and Procedures

Every business owner with whom we speak has one or more nagging worries about their legal and operational compliance that they continue to put on the back burner. The fact is, that it is better (and almost always cheaper) to speak with a lawyer about those matters before you need to speak with a lawyer. Do not wait for a problem to arise. Lawyers are trained to anticipate potential problems and create solutions before the problems occur.  D. Larsen Legal works with its clients to create smart and up-to-date company policies and procedures that will ensure legal and operational compliance, allow you to run your business more smoothly, and give you peace of mind.

Contract Negotiation

This is one of our most important legal practices.  Every contract negotiation involves two separate discussions – one over the terms and the other over the words.  Unfortunately the terms of the deal, negotiated by you, mean little unless they are worded properly.  The law rarely cares what you meant to say, only what you actually wrote down.  At D. Larsen Legal, we have years of experience in negotiating and crafting contracts, advocating for the position of our clients, and helping to memorialize the deal that you have struck.

Standardized Contracts

A standardized contract is one of the smartest investments you can make in your new or growing business. Businesses of all sizes engage in repeat transactions in which a standardized contract can help (a) protect their interests while (b) moving at the speed of business.  One of the first tasks we complete for many of our clients is to sit down with them and draft a standardized contract that is tailored to fit their business needs.  This is true especially for brand new businesses or a growing business that is reaching out to speak with an attorney for the first time.


Don’t see what you are looking for?  Don’t worry.  This is only meant to be a summary of our Business Law practice.  If you have a question, just contact us today.  If we cannot handle your problem, we will find someone who can.