Operating a sports business is quite different from operating any other type of business. Sports businesses do not just seek customers, instead they develop fans, which requires a dramatically different approach. Sports businesses do not just employ staff; they also employ professional athletes – the contracts, the insurance, the licensing, and the marketing of these employees is unlike that of any other business. Numerous times each year, sports businesses invite thousands of strangers into their office to feed and entertain them; few non-sports businesses can say the same. Put simply, the risks and the liabilities and the challenges of a sports business are unique.

As an Adjunct Professor who teaches Sports Law at William and Mary School of Law, and as a former inside Legal Counsel for a small professional sports team, I have a unique insight into the workings of a sports business. I understand your business and I understand the unique challenges you face.

If you merely have a few questions or if you are looking for permanent outside counsel, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am passionate about the industry and truly enjoy helping sports businesses succeed.